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Individual Therapy

Scenic Psychology specialise in individual therapy. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to therapy and so our psychologists will make sure to use the therapeutic modals that suit you. There is a strong focus on Cognitive Behaviour Therapies, including mindfulness based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, because these are well known to improve symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Panic, Stress, and Sleep concerns. In addition, we will adapt and incorporate elements from other styles of therapy to make sure that your therapeutic needs are met. 


We know that it's crucial to click with your practitioner so that you feel comfortable speaking openly, and knowing that you will not be judged. When we are open and confident to share our real stories only then we can start to process our history, identify our values, and learn the skills to build our life for the future. Not every style of therapy will be your 'cup of tea' and that's okay! We'll make sure to work with you to find a good therapeutic fit. 

Session Fees


Outdoor Session


50 minutes

Out of pocket cost after Medicare Reba​te: $82.75




Online Session


50 minutes

Out of pocket cost after Medicare Reba​te: $106.65

Phone or Video Call

early morning availability


Partial Session


30 minutes

No rebates

Phone or Video Call

All Locations

Sessions are charged at the end of the appointment & rebates can be processed at the same time.

If you are eligible for financial concessions then please speak to the support team at the time of booking.

Organisation consultations and Clinical Reports will be billed at the APS recommended rate. 

Reasons You Might See a Psychologist

Stress & Anxiety

Have you found the stress levels rising? Perhaps you're noticing more irritability with family and friends. If you can feel the tensions increasing then NOW is the time to come and speak with someone. You are not alone, let's get you through this together!


Have you been struggling to get going or are you finding yourself feeling particularly low? You don't have to do this on your own. There are many strategies and techniques that you can learn about whilst also building a trusting connection. Come and meet someone who will listen and won't judge!

Perinatal & Postnatal Support

Parenthood is one of our most incredible and challenging times. It stretches us and demands all that we have and more. If you're struggling to stay positive or feeling overwhelmed by the experiences then come and have a conversation. Scenic Psychology have practitioners certified for perinatal counselling Medicare rebates, and have extensive experience in parenting support and ways to manage the adjustment that children require of us. 

Grief & Loss Counselling

Have you lost someone close to you or has there been a major life change that is asking you to adjust to life in a different way? We will all experience loss at some stage in life and seeking a kind ear and learning ways to hold onto our health, are crucial ways to hold on through these waves. It is part of life to have these losses but that doesn't mean that it has to be overwhelming or to stop us living out who we are as people. Check in and connect!

Sleep Disturbance

Have you found yourself over sleeping or perhaps not sleeping enough? Are you struggling to fall asleep or to get back to sleep if you do awaken? Sleep hygiene is therapy for your sleep rhythm! Being outside is a crucial part of improving your sleep routine so Scenic Psychology is an ideal setting to learn more about this important aspect of your health. 

Personal Organisation & Goal Setting

Have you been struggling to get organised? Do you find yourself losing track of time or not completing tasks? Come along and talk through how to manage your time and get things done so that you have time left over for important things like relaxing and having some fun!

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