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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do we do if it rains?

Rainy days often surprise clients with how positive and relaxing they can be. It is well worth remembering this in your first wet weather session. If you come prepared with a raincoat and warm clothes for the cold, then you may just learn to accept the experience and notice all the good in the outdoors during these times. We can always sit under a shelter if that's your preference. 

Of course, if the weather creates a safety concern then we can grab a juice or coffee at a nearby cafe and your Psychologist will let you know about the change in meeting spot in the morning before your session!

2. Do I need to be fit?

Definitely NOT! We don't have to walk at all. If we do, then you get to set the pace and your Psychologist will always match your speed. Our pace might change depending on the topic we are speaking about too. Sometimes when big emotions show up you will feel the need to walk faster, while other times you might need to stop entirely. It's so important to learn to listen to your body and your Psychologist will want to know about how you're feeling, so please feel confident to talk about this as it happens. 


Many people decide to try the outdoors because they have had trouble getting out regularly on their own. This is a fantastic way to start the healthy habit and release some stress along the way!

3. What if I have mobility concerns?

Past clients have included those with mobility issues, all the walks have wheelchair safe options and locations to sit down as you need to. If this is something that concerns you then make sure you speak to your Psychologist ahead of time so they can ensure you feel comfortable!

4. Can I bring my dog?

YES! Please bring along your dog, they will love the walk and we would love to meet them! All our locations are suitable for dogs on leads. 

5. What happens if we see someone I know?

In the same way that you may cross paths with someone you know as you walk into a practice building or wait in a waiting room, there is a chance that you will see someone you know. One of the great things about a public space is that it is less obvious why you are there. There are many ways to manage these interactions so be sure to discuss with your Psychologist. 

6. How many sessions will Medicare rebate? 

If you provide a current Mental Health Treatment Plan from your doctor (it must be dated prior to your first appointment), then you will be eligible to a rebate on that session which Scenic Psychology can claim on your behalf. Due to the structure of our practice, we may utilise up to 10 x 50 minute sessions per calendar year outside a consulting room (MBS 80115).


For information on how to claim your Medicare rebate please visit:


Additional rebates:

3 x 30 minute sessions per pregnancy under Medicare item number 81000

5 x 20 minute sessions per calendar year under Medicare item number 10968*

*This is the same item as many other allied health professionals so please discuss with your doctor to ensure eligibility


7. What if I want to speak to my Psychologist between sessions?

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes big things will arise unexpectedly. Our Psychologists genuinely care about you and will always try to book sessions that meet your needs. However, please be aware that Scenic Psychology is not an equipped crisis service and as such there may be times when this isn't possible. If you have immediate need then please click here for local and crisis services. 

8. What happens if I forget my referral/plan?

If the Psychologist does not have your referral or plan at the initial session then you may choose to either reschedule for another time or pay the full fee to proceed with the session. To save you trying to remember to bring it on the day then you or your doctor can send it to Scenic Psychology via email or fax ahead of time!

9. What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

Clients are required to give the practice 24 hours notice of changes to an appointment. Appointment changes made within 24 hours of the appointment or non attendance without communication, will attract a $50 cancellation fee.

Whilst there will be discretion in the case of emergencies, clients with three late cancellations may be deemed unsuitable for the practice structure and referred to another service. To avoid this fee and to continue with this service, please communicate clearly with the practice. 

10. What do I do if I don't "click" with my Psychologist?

Connecting with your Psychologist is an important part of your therapeutic experience. It can take several sessions to feel that "click" so do give it some time before you decide that it's not the right fit, but know that Psychologists will always be understanding should you wish to transfer to a new practitioner. Personality and style of therapy make a difference and we won't take it personally. We want you to grow and develop, whether that is with us or another service! Your health is our priority, so you can be confident to speak with your Psychologist about these concerns and know that there is no awkwardness. We may even have a suggestion for someone who will fit better after having met with you for a few sessions. 

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