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Adolescence is a tough time. Even if it were possible, you couldn't pay most adults to go back and redo their time as a teenager! It's the time of life where we're starting to look around at our friends and family and question who we are and how we fit.


Society is also hitting a fascinating stage of understanding across the Health Sciences and we're learning so much about how to best take care of ourselves and those we love. It means that what has "always been done" can sometimes look different from what we now know is helpful. Our teens are right in the thick of these changes and are becoming familiar with terms that adults may not have been exposed to at the same age and stage. 

Teens are also at risk of battling mental health concerns, which complicate life and make it really hard to know where to turn. It's so important to find our safe places and to connect in with people who are calm, kind and reliable. 


If you're interested in further one to one support for your teen, or perhaps sessions for yourself to explore how to develop your parenting style, then please get in touch to make an appointment. Scenic Psychology have practitioners with experience in working with teens. See the About information page to find your practitioner. 

For more information or supports: 

Teens: Kids Help Line or Beyond Blue

Parents: Raising Children Network or the Triple P: Positive Parenting Program for teens

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