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Kids can experience challenges with mental health just as adults can. It often looks very different and we see changes in behaviour, emotional regulation and possibly withdrawals from things that they would usually enjoy.

If you're noticing these kinds of changes then it's important to have a calm and open conversation with them. If they have noticed it themselves then they most likely want to share it with you but they haven't had the words to explain it or felt like it was a good time to open upHold space for them and be patient, take them out for an ice cream and sit and have a few moments of fun amidst their big internal experiences. 

If you're feeling unsure about how to do that or looking for more support then Scenic Psychology encourages all parents to complete the Triple P: Positive Parenting Program. It's a government funded, free course, for parents of children under 12. Click the link for more information and take your time working through the modules - parenting is a marathon not a sprint! 

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If you're interested in further one to one support for your child, or perhaps sessions for yourself to explore how to develop your parenting style, then please get in touch to make an appointment. Scenic Psychology have practitioners with experience in working with children. See the About information page to find your practitioner. 

For more information and supports:

Kids: Kids Help Line

Parents: Raising Children.

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